International Shipping

Land, Air and Ocean Freight. Air import and export Service to and from anywhere in the world.

Transporte Local

We offer local trucking service throughout the national territory. Load and unload is available

Custom Agency

Customs services covering both customs import and export procedures

Additional Services

Bonded Warehouse

We have our own offices, personnel and facilities at Terminales Unidas and Almacén Cariari, located within the jurisdiction of Santamaria Airport Customs, plus agreements with other bonded warehouses, thus allowing us to offer highly competitive storage rates.

Cargo Insurance

We manage your freight insurance as part of our comprehensive service

Business consulting

Analysis of current cost, times, routes, warehouse charges, among others.


We offer our expertise to ensure proper handling of your cargo.

Your Cargo,
our Responsability



  • Over 35 years in the market
  • We have our own facilities
  • Our own vehicle fleet for local transport of cargo
  • IATA  Agents since 1988
  • 85 highly trained and experienced employees
  • High-tech tools