About Us

Since 1976

AIMI is an established, safe and reliable company that provides all services related to international logistics, moving all kinds of goods within the agreed time and place.

AIMI started in 1976 in the Costa Rican market as a customs agency, with a total of 6 employees. At that time it was basically engaged in Customs clearance processes at the Main Customs Agency (now called Aduana Central) and Santamaria Airport Customs. By the year 2000 it had already offices located throughout the country, namely: Peñas Blancas, Paso Canoas, Limon, Caldera, Santamaria Airport, Central and Sixaola.

In the early 80’s, the company started to conduct operations in air freight, thus becoming IATA agents in 1988. In 1991, we started conducting maritime operations, and in 1996 we ventured in import and trucking operations to Central America. In 1998, export cargo shipping services were also added to the portfolio.

AIMI opened offices in Nicaragua (in 2003) thus stating its international engagement by signing contracts with different agents worldwide.

In 2004 the current company premises were built, where Aimi Logistics (customs agency) and Aimi Consolidations (international freight forwarding company) operate jointly.

In 2006 advisory and special regime operations -Free Zone and Inward Processing- started formally. Local trucking was strengthened with our own fleet of trucks.

Currently, AIMI is an established, safe and reliable company, which provides all international logistics services, transporting all goods in appropriate quantities, within the agreed time and place.


To be the market leader in Integrated Logistics Services, to efficiently serve our customers with high quality services and rates consistent with the service, using best business practices.

Mission Statement

We provide integrated, efficient and economical logistics services to and from anywhere in the world, to both companies and individuals.


• Over 35 years in the market

• We have own our facilities

• Our own vehicle fleet for local transport of cargo

• IATA Agents since 1988

• BASC Safety Certification

• Bilingual staff with extensive training and expertise

•Wide experience in managing TICA systems

•State of the art technology tools